Brighter Beginnings Family Child Care Program



  • Intro


  • Program


  • Training aims and expected outcomes

⦁ How to get the most out of the program

  • How to get the most out of this program

⦁ FCC Defined

  • What is Family Child Care?
  • Let’s look at what Babysitter, Child Care Centers, and Nannies

⦁ Business Planning

  • Business Planning

⦁ Getting Licensed

  • Getting Licensed

⦁ Program Philosophies & Polices

  • Program Philosophy

⦁ Contracts / Current Child Care Rates

  • There are several key Elements to Contracts
  • Rates

⦁ Professionalism/Communication

  • Professionalism and Communication

⦁ Marketing

  • How to Market

⦁ Taxes Liability Insurance

  • Taxes and Liability Insurance

⦁ Professional Growth

  • Professional Growth and Support Groups

New Mandate Training

  • Mandated Reporter Training

California State Requirements

  • California Family Child Care Staffing Ratio and Capacity

About Your Instructor

Marilyn  Randolph

Marilyn Randolph

Instructor Title

Hello, I am Coach Marilyn, and I want to say thank you for allowing me to be on this journey with you.  I am so excited for you!!! Congratulations, on making an investment to become a Licensed Child Care Provider. Welcome to the three day Family Child Care (FCC) training course.  Becoming a Family Child Care provider, you will learn to help your clients more effectively.  You will be equipped with resources, tools, and strategy to help you achieve your dreams.


Licensed Child Care Provider

21 hours of training (Department of Education state of California) Infant/Toddler Foundations and Framework Social and Emotional, Language Development, Cognitive Development, Perceptual Motor Development 05/2015

My Teaching Partner coaching program for professional development focusing on effective teacher-child interactions. 6/30/2012 (Teachstone)

Early Childhood Education

Certified Life/Business Coach

Child Development Supervisor Permit


2010 Academic Acknowledgement Award 06/27/2010 (COGIC)

Youth Leadership Award 06/27/2013 (COGIC)

National Provider Appreciation Day Recognition Award (Community Child Care providers & Step Up and Do something! Inc.)

Family Child Care Provider over 25 years

A.A. Early Childhood Education and Business

B.S. Human Services


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